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Johnson Consulting is a design company with extensive experience in interior design and historic preservation.  The firm works in collaboration with architects, contractors, developers, and property owners to provide services for those interested in restoring historic buildings or building new structures with character.  The firm also provides services for property owners or communities interested in having buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places and has a strong background in historic architectural research and material culture.


The ornament and furnishings in these photos were supplied or created by Heerwagen Studios in Fayetteville, AR between 1910 and 1938 and are featured in Paul Martin Heerwagen:  Southern Interior Decorator, 1883-1938 by Antoinette Johnson, 2014.

Historic Stencil Design
Historic Interior Stained Glass
Historic Interior Wall Mural
Historic Faux Finish, Historic Ornamental Plaster
Historic Interior mural, coffered plaster ceiliing
Old lace curtain, crocheted curtain



Historic Preservation and Interior Design

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